About us

Hinckley Motorcycle Training Scheme was formed in 1991, evolving out of the Hinckley RAC/ACU (itself founded in 1977).

We have around 20 instructors with a vast range of riding experience, who are committed to providing friendly, expert and professional training.

Due to the fact that our instructors are all unpaid volunteers, you can be assured of a number of benefits:

  • Passionate Instructors - Your instructor is doing the job purely and simply because he or she enjoys it, and cares for their craft. There is no better motivation, and as a result you can be certain of the highest standard of training.
  • Flexibility - While our instructors do have work and family commitments, we will always try to meet your needs. If you're working shifts, for example, we'll see if we can arrange alternative days or times for your training.
  • Progress at your pace - The pace of the course and the time spent on individual aspects will largely be dictated by your progress. We do not need to 'achieve the numbers'.

In addition, the quality of the training you receive is assured by the fact that the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), as well as our own Training Officer, monitor our instructors regularly. Many instructors have also undergone formal assessment and certification by the DVSA.

We also like to think of ourselves as friendly and approachable. We're happy to discuss all aspects of motorcycling and often establish a relationship with our trainees that lasts long after they've passed their test.