Price List

Please find below our current price list.

If you are not sure which licence category you should be taking please use our interactive navigational element > HERE < to find out.

Prices INCLUDE initial Module1 (Manoeuvres) and Module2 (on-road) tests. Theory Test training can be provided, but must be passed prior to any practical tests.

Motorcycle Categories:

AM- Mopeds ( 50cc or less )
A1Min age 17- Light Motorcycle ( 120cc to 125cc not exceeding 11kW, max speed 55MPH)
A2Min age 19- Motorcycle ( Above 245cc, between 20kW and 35kW )
AMin ag 24 (OR min 2 years FULL A2)- Motorcycle ( Above 595cc, above 50kW and 175kg weight )
CoursePrice with own BikePrice with Scheme Bike
A1 Training£480£705
A1 Training & CBT£570£840
A2/A Training£605£855
A2/A Training & CBT £995
Refresher / Back to Biking£50£105
Theory test (with training)£40
Module1 Retest£100
Module2 Retest£180