Friends of HMTS

Free Wheelers

Warwickshire Freewheelers provide a free out of hours transport service for hospitals in and around the Warwickshire area. Transporting medical items such as blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, human tissue, documents, patient records, frozen milk, X-rays and anything that can be carried safely on our dedicated motorcycles. We operate from 7pm - 6am Weekdays and provide 24 hour cover weekends and bank holidays. All our riders are unpaid volunteers.


Westfirld Community Center

The Westfield Community Development Association exists to provide a comprehensive life long community education curriculum to the people of the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough area.


Other Links


We promote road safety in Great Britain by improving driving and motorcycling standards. We set standards for education and training, as well as carrying out theory and practical driving and riding tests.


Get On!

Get On is a Motorcycle Industry funded campaign which aims to introduce as many people as possible to the fun, freedom and financial savings that can be made when you learn to ride a motorbike or scooter.



British Motorcyclists Federation. The BMF is working hard to fight for rider's rights in the UK and Europe. If you ride a motorcycle, you will care about what we do - support us and join the BMF today!


Safe Driving For Life

The Safe Driving for Life website is a one-stop information resource for learners, experienced drivers and riders, instructors and professional drivers and riders. Produced in partnership with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), this site is designed to help road users learn and improve their driving and riding skills.



The SHARP rating system helps you make a more informed choice when choosing a helmet. When you think motorcycle helmet safety, think SHARP.



THINK! provides road safety information for road users. Our aim is to encourage safer behaviour to reduce the number of people killed and injured on our roads every year.



As the UK's leading road safety charity, we bring 50 years of experience, passion and understanding to help improve the skills and understanding of UK riders and create safer roads for everyone.


Highway Code

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. It is important that all road users are aware of The Code and are considerate towards each other. This applies to pedestrians as much as to drivers and riders.


Traffic Accident Advice

Being involved in a road traffic accident is horrible enough without having to worry that you're doing or saying something wrong which may come back to haunt you when the insurance companies start to investigate.


Count Motorcycles

The Count Motorcycles game is a simple competition that rewards players for being the first to spot a motorcycle while really training them to look out for bikers out on the road.