Compulsory Basic Training

Anybody holding a provisional driving licence for a moped or motorcycle MUST complete a CBT course before riding either of them on the public highway. The CBT course provides simple off and on-road instruction covering the basic training needs of motorcycle and moped learner riders. Typically the courses are held on Sundays (other days by arrangement) and commence at 9am. The course varies in duration based on the class's ability, but will typically end between 3pm and 5pm.

The course begins with general advice on motorcycling before moving on to practical off-road training, becoming familiar with the machine and basic maintenance checks, and simple manoeuvres such as turns, slow riding and emergency stops.

Once the instructor feels you are ready, you will be taken on to the road, under supervision, and given instruction on how to deal with features such as junctions, roundabouts and traffic lights. The instructor will be in contact with you, via radio, throughout the on-road session.

The course ends with the issue of the CBT certificate which allows you to ride on the road unsupervised. If for any reason you do not reach the required standard on the day, further training is offered free of charge (up to 2 further sessions).

You do not have to use your own moped or motorcycle as we have machines available for hire. All of our bikes are covered by our own insurance at no extra cost to you. If you choose to use your own bike then it will need to meet certain basic requirements.

Please Note: You will need to bring certain protective clothing and documents with you. Please read and understand the Highway Code before you arrive for your training. If you use optical aids such as glasses or lenses, bring those with you as there is an eyesight test. You should make arrangements to get your bike home in case you don't achieve your certificate that day. Drinks will be provided free of charge during the day, but please bring a packed lunch.