Courses we offer

All of our courses promote ‘safe riding for life’ and provide you with all the necessary skills to pass your practical motorcycle test in whichever category you choose.

Your course initially consists of training on one of our 125cc machines up to near test standard. Once your instructor is satisfied you have reached this level you will be given an upgrade session - provided you are eligible - and if you continue to make satisfactory progress you will continue your training on this new category of motorcycle.

Intro Session

A 1 hour course as an introduction to riding (off-road only) if you wish to ‘try-out’ before you decide to take further training with us.

Category A1 - Small motorcycle

If you are aged over 17 and/or wish to learn on a motorcycle of this type you will need to pass a theory and practical driving test to get this entitlement. You will be restricted to this size of motorcycle until you pass a further driving test.

A motorcycle in this category must have an engine size of no more than 125cc and a power output of no more than 11kW.

Category A2 - Medium motorcycle

If you are aged 19 or over you can gain this entitlement through the direct access route by passing a theory and practical test. If you already hold a category A1 licence you only need to take a further practical test.

You will be restricted to this size of motorcycle until you pass a further driving test.

A category A2 motorcycle must have a power output of no more than 35kW.

Category A - Large motorcycle

To ride a motorcycle of this type the power output must be more than 50kW.

You can have direct access to this category if aged 24 or over by passing a theory and practical test. However, if you have held a category A2 licence for at least 2 years and are aged 21 or over you only need to pass a further practical test.

Further Training

We can arrange individually tailored courses for people who already hold a full motorcycle licence and perhaps want more specialised training such as motorway lessons or for those returning to biking after a period of absence and want to renew their skills before or after buying a new bike. We offer the Enhanced Rider Scheme which gives you one-to-one coaching raising your standards further and possibly earning a discount on your insurance.

How To Book

Current prices are stated in the price list area. Once you have selected which course is appropriate for your needs please go to the booking area and complete the form. If you have any further queries please call us on 01455 610529. Please be patient if you get the answerphone - we are all volunteers with other commitments - please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Clothing & Equipment

We do provide protective clothing for you to use however, it is preferable to bring your own where possible including: a legal motorcycle helmet and ideally gloves, boots and weatherproof clothing. You will also need to bring your driving licence with you, and any insurance documents should you be using your own motorcycle. For impartial helmet advice, refer to; http://sharp.direct.gov.uk

If you are using your own bike to train on, it must be legal and roadworthy for on-road use. This means it must have road tax, insurance, and an M.O.T. certificate if it is older than three years.

Highway Code Knowledge

It is very important that you have a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code as your on-road assessment will check you understand and follow the rules and guidance it gives.

Test Fees

Initial Practical Test fees are included in the pricing for the test courses. Further test fees are payable if you are unlucky to not pass first time. Test Fee pricing located here