Return to Biking

Return to biking is a two hour session for full licence holders either returning to motorcycling or wishing to improve their technique. Instruction covers both town and country riding, including dual carriageways and motorways.

Typically this will occur on a Monday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, although we will endeavor to be flexible in accommodating your needs, as always.

We can also advise you on arranging the BMF Blue Riband or IAM advanced motorcycle test.

Motorcycles are available for hire for this course. All of our bikes are covered by our own insurance at no extra cost to you. If you choose to use your own bike then it will need to meet certain basic requirements.

Protective clothing is available however, we recommend that you bring your own where possible.

You must also bring certain documents with you and we would ask that you make yourself familiar with the Highway Code. If you use optical aids such as glasses or lenses, please bring those with you as well.

Free refreshments are available.