Direct Access Course

Riders who pass the test on a low powered motorcycle with a capacity of 125cc or below will be restricted, by law, to riding a bike with a limited power output not exceeding 11kW for a period of two years. Before being allowed to ride a more powerful motorcycle, it will be necessary for them to take a further test in order to demonstrate that they are capable of doing so.

If aged 24 or over, the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) allows the learner rider to bypass these restrictions by learning to ride (under the supervision of a DAS qualified instructor), and pass a test, on a more powerful motorcycle. If successful then the restrictions outlined above do not apply.

Motorcycles are available for hire for this course. The hire charge does NOT include the cost of using the machine to take the test. The extra cost will be included in the test price if applicable. All of our bikes are covered by our own insurance at no extra cost to you. If you choose to use your own bike then it will need to meet certain basic requirements.

The course includes CBT and initial road riding on one of our 125cc machines. Once the instructor is satisfied that you are at a reasonable standard, you will receive a DAS upgrade session by one of the DAS qualified instructors. The course is individually tailored to try and meet your requirements and is therefore not of a fixed length. You may request a proficiency test similar to that offered in the Accompanied Test Course.

When your DAS qualified instructor feels that you are ready, and assuming that you have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test, we will arrange your practical test for you.