Accompanied Test Course

If you are under 21 or do not wish to learn on a high powered machine, then this is the course for you. Held on Monday evenings (between 7.30pm and 9.30pm), this 14 hour course, spread over 7 weeks, is designed to teach and practice riding techniques needed to ensure that you can ride safely and confidently. In so doing, we will develop you to the standard needed to pass the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Accompanied Test. Whilst the course focuses mainly on practical riding skills, you will also have the opportunity to receive Highway Code and basic maintenance tuition.

The non-commercial nature of our scheme allows a certain amount of flexibility. We can often arrange training on alternative days and, within reason, we will not charge for additional training beyond the 7 weeks, should a small amount of further training be required to get you up to the necessary standard.

Whilst most of the training will be practical on-road activity, with a typical trainee to instructor ratio of 2:1, there are theoretical elements relating to the Highway Code and bike maintenance. Included as part of the course, on request, is a proficiency test. A senior instructor that has not been directly involved in your training will conduct this. This is designed to give you experience of an accompanied test. Your knowledge of basic maintenance and of the Highway Code will also be assessed. If you pass the test you will receive a proficiency certificate and lapel badge and will be entitled to certain BMF membership benefits.

We can arrange refresher training, before you take the DVSA test, at no extra charge. Motorcycles are available for hire for this course. The hire charge does NOT include the cost of using the machine to take the Accompanied Test. The extra cost will be included in the test price if applicable. All of our bikes are covered by our own insurance at no extra cost to you. If you choose to use your own bike then it will need to meet certain basic requirements.

You will also need to bring certain protective clothing and documents with you and we would ask that you make yourself familiar with the Highway Code. If you use optical aids such as glasses or lenses, please bring those with you.

When your instructor feels that you are ready, and assuming that you have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test, we can arrange your practical test for you.

Once you have passed your test, your licence will entitle you to ride a motorcycle upto 125cc, with a power output not exceeding 11kW [Licence Category A1]

Free refreshments are available.